Monday, October 18, 2004

Why I voted for Bush

Last Friday I fulfilled one of my duties as a citizen of the United States of America and the sovereign state of Tennessee by voting early in the presidential and state elections. I voted for George W. Bush for president because of a single issue: America's involvement in World War IV. Of the candidates for president, Bush is the only one who, 1) recognizes we are at war, 2) has a long-term strategy for ultimate victory in this war, and 3) is committed to executing that strategy until our victory over the enemy is achieved. Whether the issue is taxes, government spending, healthcare, jobs, gay marriage, or faith-based initiatives, all of them are secondary in importance to fighting and winning WW IV. All of these other issues can be ranked in importance based on how and whether they fit into the overall strategy for conducting the war.

Fighting and winning WW IV is the only issue our enemies have as well. It has been said that in deciding who to vote for, one should determine who the terrorists want to win, and then vote for the other man. The terrorists have made it clear who they want to win. What does that say about a candidate when he is endorsed by a terrorist organization?

John Kerry does not recognize that we are in WW IV, stating that we need to get back to the time when terrorists were a "nuisance." John Kerry has no strategy for victory in the war, only a strategy for withdrawal and effective surrender. And the most frightening thing about John Kerry is that I believe he is committed to that strategy. Such a man cannot protect and defend this country. George Bush, like him or not, has proven that he can, and will.

UPDATE: Welcome to readers referred over from Hugh Hewitt's online symposium. I hope your stay is worthwhile. If you haven't come from Hewitt's site, I suggest you go to the symposium and start reading for 1001 excellent reasons to vote for Bush.

UPDATE 2: Left-leaning readers and other Kerry supporters are encouraged to comment on this post. Why vote for Kerry? Do you agree/disagree with my reasons? Please note, while rational discussion is welcomed, trolls will be dispatched via Varon-T disruptor.