Friday, October 08, 2004

WWOE: Who Would Osama Elect?

Charles Krauthammer pens this excellent article in the Washington Post today. The key portion:

It is still prudent to be on high alert at home, because it is not wise to bank on the political sophistication of the enemy. The enemy is nonetheless far more likely to understand that the way to bring down Bush is not by attack at home but by debilitating guerrilla war abroad, namely in Iraq. Hence the escalation of bloodshed by Zarqawi and Co. It is not just aimed at intimidating Iraqis and preventing the Iraqi election. It is aimed at demoralizing Americans and affecting the American election.

The Islamists and Baathists in Iraq are conducting their own Tet Offensive with the same objective as the one in 1968: to demoralize the American citizenry, convince it that the war cannot be won, and ultimately encourage it to reject the administration that brought the war upon them and that is the more unequivocal about seeing it through.

This analysis is spot-on. This is the reason I don't worry so much about a terrorist attack before or during the election. The enemy is aware of the political discord in America (thanks in no small part to the ambivalent message of the Kerry campaign). Now they are doing whatever they can to give legs to the anti-war argument Kerry is hammering day in and day out on the campaign trail. Americans need to honestly and objectively ask themselves: who would Osama vote for? Can anyone with a straight face say that Osama would not vote for Anybody But Bush? And once you admit that point, what does that say about those in America who scream for Anybody But Bush?

What wonderful company they keep.