Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's been One Week

My apologies to those faithful few who have stopped by since the election looking for new material and finding none. The creative juice just seemed to leave me completely around election time, and I haven't fully recovered it yet. I just found myself simply uninterested in blogging, and unwilling to make the time for even a cursory update. On the upside, I did engage in some productive technological updates here at Section 31 headquarters, which should make posting faster and a whole lot easier.

Really though, the news since the Bush victory has been mostly uninspiring. John Ashcroft resigns? Expected. Yasser Arafat is dead--then alive--then dead--then alive--and now he's dead again? Great, it's about time. Arlen Specter is a spineless RINO? Yawn, we knew that already. Liberals don't understand why they lost? Double yawn, they are as predictable as ever.

Really, the only thing that has captivated my attention has been the U.S. battle for the city of Fallujah. But what with so much other petty "news" going on, the importance of this fight has been diluted. I recommend that you visit the superb Belmont Club to find out everything you ever wanted to know about this battle. For the reports in chronological order, start here and then just scroll up through the posts that follow. Wretchard's reporting and analysis is so good, there really isn't much for me to add. Here's hoping our troops are allowed to deal the fatal blow to the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

For real, this time.