Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Linkage

I have added a number of new sites to the Section 31 sidebar, some of them well-known, others not. Fellow Tennessean Donald Sensing makes the list of Field Operatives with One Hand Clapping, while The Counterterrorism Blog joins the Raw Intel Processing department. American Online proves to be a fascinating new Informant, while Section 31's New Assets nearly double, adding to their ranks Dennis' Ramblings, Long Time Gone, Macaroni Penguin (she gets two plugs this month!), Mover Mike, Ravings of a Mad Tech, and Varifrank. I would especially like to direct your attention to Varifrank's post regarding the Iraqi elections. This piece really resonated with me, providing a wonderful historical context to the momentous occasion that the Iraqi election really was. Highly recommended!

Just because the Director is quiet doesn't mean he isn't out there in the shadows working for his readers! Enjoy the new sites.