Monday, November 15, 2004

We're Sorry, So Sorry

You may have heard or seen some of the "I'm Sorry" websites and photos out and about the internet. Basically, sorry excuses for Americans have photos taken of their sorry selves holding notes and cards with messages about how sorry they all are for the actions of America vis-a-vis Iraq/Afghanistan/Palestine/Europe/Women/Children/Small Furry Animals/Etc. Tim Blair posts this wonderful rejoinder to those sorry losers:
In case you can't read the text of this note, it says: "Dear Afghanis, I'm sorry we helped to free you from the Taliban." The head tilt and the pouty lip action makes this photo a true Kodak moment to be treasured.

You know, they do say that no good deed goes unpunished, at least if you are American. For my part, I'm not sorry we liberated Afghanistan, and I'm not sorry we took out Saddam in Iraq. I am sorry that our armed forces are fighting a more restrained war than I would like. I am sorry that we haven't ticked off more internationalist liberal bleeding-hearts and liberated more repressed people by invading Iran or Syria. And I am sorry that so many of our own citizens refuse to see the good that America does in the world, and even slanders that good.

UPDATE: Flickr, the online image hosting service I used to host the above picture, is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Until they resolve their issues, I suggest you click the link over to Tim Blair's post to see the photo. The soldier's facial expression really is priceless.

UPDATE: Flickr is apparently back online.