Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blogging Hiccup

One would think that with the long weekend, I would find time to blog just a little post. Unfortunately, end of the month is a hectic time at the Director's cover job, and at least the appearance of productivity has to be maintained. And quite frankly, when I haven't been working, I've been extremely tired and unable to muster the requisite energy to post anything resembling coherent thought. I have noticed that more than a few bloggers write posts in pure stream-of-consciousness mode. To paraphrase Calvin Coolidge, I do not choose to write in that manner. I much prefer a more polished end product, for several reasons.

For one, I want to develop and maintain my own standards of what good writing should be. If I can't construct a decent sentence, then I'd rather not construct one at all. But in addition to satisfying my own demands for what I want this site to be, I want to attract a certain kind of reader as well. I want readers who are capable of both rational thought and clear expression. Toward that end, I attempt to put out a product that appeals to that type of person. It's too soon to tell whether I am succeeding in this regard. However, I have been very pleased with the consistent readers I have attracted thus far.

All of this to say, thanks to those of you who drop by consistently, even when I haven't put anything new up in several days. I know who you are, and your readership is very much appreciated. And to those of you who may just be dropping by, welcome to you as well. Please feel free to wander through Section 31 Document Storage for samples of previous writing. And as always, any and all comments of a non-trollish nature are welcomed!