Friday, November 19, 2004

Use Blog Catalog!

For what it's worth, I need to give a big plug here for the new blog directory service I just joined, Blog Catalog, and especially their Big Kahuna, Brad Jasper. Your humble Director is by no means an HTML professional, and when I tried to install this cool new button on my sidebar (It lets you rate my site! Go rate me!), I couldn't get the darned thing to align to the right like all my other buttons.

Being a perfectionist (of sorts...some might say anal retentive), I couldn't just let that button stay there out of alignment. I tinkered around with it for maybe an hour, but nothing I tried worked. So I removed the button code entirely and emailed Brad Jasper at Blog Catalog for help. I've received less than sterling response rates from other site managers, so I was not really anticipating much help. I figured I might as well roll the dice and see what happened. I figured that a busy web dude like Brad probably had his email filters set to scan out stupid HTML questions from users.

Less than 24 hours later, I had an email with new button code that Brad said would work on my site. Not only did Brad send me the code, he explained what it did and why, and then commented that he had actually read my site and enjoyed it! Now if that kind of response doesn't deserve a HUGE plug, then I don't know what does!

SO: If you have a blog, I HIGHLY recommend hooking up with Blog Catalog! Cool rating button, nice directory, and fantastic support from Brad Jasper! What more could you ask for?