Friday, November 19, 2004

The Evil Genius Returns

As part of my duties in identifying dangers to America, sometimes my attention narrows to more regional dangers. Like this:
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Lou Holtz wanted his South Carolina players to focus on their game against Clemson. They suddenly have a lot more on their minds.

Holtz will retire as coach at South Carolina after the season, The Associated Press learned Thursday night, apparently paving the way for Steve Spurrier to replace him.

Holtz told his players before the team's final regular-season practice, according to a source close to the program who spoke on condition of anonymity. All season, the 67-year-old Holtz said he was worn out, and even said Spurrier would be a good choice to succeed him.

On Wednesday, South Carolina cornerback Fred Bennett said Holtz promised the players he would tell them first when he decided about next year. "So I respect him for that," Bennett said.

A report in The Tennessean of Nashville had Spurrier taking over and the announcement coming next week. Other reports said Spurrier and South Carolina agreed to a contract between $1.5 million and $2 million.

If Spurrier decides to coach the Gamecocks, he would face his old team next season on Nov. 12, when Florida comes to Williams-Brice Stadium.

An announcement regarding Spurrier, who won a national championship at Florida, is expected next week, the newspaper said, citing an anonymous source close to the situation.

Of course, Spurrier had to come back to the Eastern Division of the SEC. Here's hoping he lost whatever talent he had when he indulged his ego in the NFL for two seasons. Holtz is a class act and a prolific coach, and I'm sorry to see him leave Carolina. One thing is for certain: the SEC will be a lot more...colorful with Spurrier back in the game.