Monday, December 13, 2004

Peterson to Die

The jury came back with the death penalty for convicted wife and child murderer Scott Peterson. It will probably be decades before the penalty is carried out, if ever, but at least the ordeal is over, for Laci Peterson's family, and for the rest of us who had to sit through the endless media coverage. The sad fact is that murders like these happen all the time. In my mind, only one thing made this case worthy of note, when all was said and done: the humanization of Connor Peterson, Scott and Laci's unborn child. After 30 years of legalized abortion in America, of endless efforts to turn an unborn baby into "a choice", a murdered unborn child was given a name, and the "what ifs" of the life that could have been were explored and discussed across the country. I hope that the process sparked more than just a passing thought. If Connor deserved more than a passing thought, what about the rest of the unborn children whose names we don't hear day in and day out?