Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Will the curse be lifted?

I won't jinx anyone by speculating as to whether the curse will be lifted, but I will say that I hope it happens this year. Even though I was born and raised a Southern boy, I have been a Red Sox fan ever since I started collecting baseball cards as a kid. I remember one of the first cards I had was of Carl Yastrzemski, the last player in MLB to win the Triple Crown. When I had all the statistics on the card explained to me, I was so impressed, I figured that any team with such a great hitter on it had to be the best. I just KNEW in 1986 that they were going to win the World Series, and I cried when the ball went through Buckner's legs. It just wasn't fair, or right, or just.

And now the Red Sox are a game away. If it were any team but the Red Sox, I would be cheering the Cards on, but since it isn't...GO SOX!!!