Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Vox Blogoli VI

Hugh Hewitt asks the blogosphere to comment on the MSM's credibility with regard to matters of faith and history, specifically in response to this Newsweek article about the birth of Christ. Hugh ponders whether this article represents the Rathergate of religion reporting, and marvels at the bias in the piece.

Why so shocked, Hugh? The anti-Christian bias in the Newsweek piece is nothing new to the MSM. In fact, it is pretty much a re-hash of Jesus Seminar talking points from the past thirty years. Is it bias? Of course it is, but it is just more of the same, and not at all unexpected from a notoriously liberal source like Newsweek.

While the liberal bias is clear, I don't believe that the comparison to Rathergate is entirely accurate. Jon Meacham uses real people as his sources, even though these people are all liberals with an agenda. That's not the same thing as fabricating a story out of wholecloth. This article doesn't surprise me at all, it's just one more biased article from a source that I expect to be biased.