Thursday, October 28, 2004

Section 31 EEI

EEI, for new readers, stands for Essential Elements of Information. In case you have recently started reading this website, I thought I would provide an EEI outline for what Section 31 is about.


That would be me, the Director of Section 31, ______________. If I actually told you my name, of course, I'd have to kill you.

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The primary purpose is right up there at the top of the screen: to search out and identify potential threats to America...quietly. Right now the two biggest threats to America are Islamic terrorism and Western liberalism, and so at this point in time the bulk of this website discusses these topics.

The secondary purpose is for me to write about whatever I find interesting or worthy of discussion. Right now, the main things I find interesting and worthy of discussion are limited in number, but I hope to be able to branch out more post-11/2/04.


My cover occupation as an attorney keeps me quite busy, so I do not post Intel Reports as frequently as some. However, I believe in quality of writing as opposed to mere quantity. Whether the Intel Reports are of high quality or not, you can find them in the main area of the site. Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Trolls will be eliminated quite painfully.

The sidebar of the website contains key information and communication channels to Section 31 operatives and other sources. They include:

Display Info-- go here to update the display technology of your screen to match optimum Section 31 display specifications.

Subspace Transmissions-- click here to initiate direct communication with me.

About Me-- What little public informationn is available on me can be found there.

Previous Intel Reports-- A running list of my most recent reports.

Section 31 Document Storage-- archived Intel Reports.

Key Operatives-- these are agents from whom I receive daily, sometimes hourly intel . One, the U.S.S. Clueless, is a retired agent, but his own intel archives are well worth your attention.

Allied Organizations-- these are assorted groups of intel operatives who are all more or less working towards the same goals as Section 31. Their collective data collection abilities are most impressive.

Intel Analysts-- this is where I go to get analysis about current events and new intelligence.

Field Operatives-- these individuals are proven and experienced agents who may not have the exposure of the Key Operatives, but do a lot of the grunt work that the big boys sometimes skip over.

Raw Intel Processing-- if you want lots of raw data on breaking intelligence, go here.

New Assets-- these people are relatively new agents who are still in the process of proving themselves, but are showing a great deal of promise. Some of these may one day move on to become Field Operatives.

Informants-- just like it says, these agents are deeply embedded inside enemy territory, but nevertheless provide excellent insight on how the enemy thinks and operates. Finding credible informants is difficult, and so this list is very short at this time, but will hopefully be expanded in the future.

Finally, there are several links to miscellaneous support services which assist in the operation of Section 31. Go there if you are curious about how the nuts and bolts come together.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what this website is about. The agent list is subject to change at any time, so stop in now and again to see what's new. Hopefully you will become a regular reader, and perhaps if you are lucky, you may get recruited into Section 31 yourself someday...we are always on the lookout for promising new agents.