Monday, November 01, 2004

A simple choice

November 2nd is just over an hour away. If you are still undecided at this point, you are a moron and you need to stay in bed tomorrow.

For the rest of you, the bottom line is very simple. If you don't believe that Islamic terrorists want to kill as many Americans as possible, then see my recommendation in the first paragraph. For the remainder of you, ask yourself this question, and try to be honest. Which of the two candidates do you think will not only take killing terrorists more seriously, but will kill as many of them as he possibly can?

This is the only question that really and truly matters. Every other issue fades into insignificance in comparison. How you vote tomorrow will determine whether we continue to fight this war or capitulate. Put the other partisan issues aside and be honest with yourself tomorrow. George Bush has proven he will take the fight to the terrorists. John Kerry has proven that he will ask the world's permission first.

If preserving and defending America against those who would slaughter us means anything at all to you, vote for Bush. We can resume the partisan bickering after the war is over.